Digital / Fine Art / Photography

About David

Described as a visual philosopher, David J. Kleinsasser is a successful, innovative visual artist who has participated in over 60 exhibitions; local, national and international. David taught painting, printmaking, drawing, traditional photography and digital image making for 18 years at Grant MacEwan University, University of Alberta, University of Papua New Guinea and others. His credentials include a Master of Visual Art in Printmaking (1993), Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting (1978) and he studied photography at Ryerson University, Toronto (1981). He now travels the world in search of the quintessential image.

When asked to define my work, I describe it as digital/fine art/photography. What do I mean by this? First and foremost it is photographically based, I use a camera to record pixels, these pixels are the starting point, the source material for image creation. Secondly, it is fine art, the aesthetic that informs my work comes from the world of fine art not from photography, my background and formal training is that of a painter and printmaker. Thirdly, it is digital. I work on the computer screen pushing, pulling and manipulating pixels in order to transform those pixels into an image that presents my vision. Could I create an image like this with more traditional media? Of course, it would just take much, much longer. So I do not describe my work as “digital fine art photography” as that implies the work is a form of photography, but as digital/fine art/photography, like three separate entities interacting symbiotically.

The camera’s function is not just the recording of pixels, it is about using the viewfinder to crop out a part of the world, isolating and abstracting it, and presenting it in a different context. Doing so allows for a heightening awareness of detail, texture and colour, as well as the creation of composition through the imposition of a frame. This is the first of many layers of abstraction that separate the final image from its source.


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